Gaia-X Ecosystem Kickstarter – White Paper

This White Paper explains the Gaia-X Federation Services’ concept from a broader Gaia-X project perspective. It introduces the reader to the Gaia-X project; elaborates why Federation Services are key to deliver Gaia-X’s ambitions and provide an overview of different Federation Services for a non-technical audience.

Gaia-X Architecture Document – Brochure

The Gaia-X Architecture identifies and describes the concepts of the targeted federated open data infrastructure as well as the relationships among them. It describes how Gaia-X facilitates interconnection, interoperability and integration among all participants in the European digital economy, relative to both data and services.

Security & Privacy by Design – Brochure

This document explains the overall lifecycle and how security and privacy need to be integrated into each lifecycle step of an Federation Service.

Gaia-x Vision & Strategy – Brochure

This document provides a high-level overview of the core elements of the Gaia-X initiative. It goes through the vision and mission of Gaia-X, key questions, the core values, and the benefit it produces for the different types of stakeholders that are involved. It then expands on the mission, the scope, the key deliverables, and the strategic plan of the project.

Specification Documents

The following technical specifications have been drawn up in Spring 2021 and were awarded in an EU-wide tender. Starting in December 2021 the winning bidders are now going to implement the first set of Federation Services, which will create an GXFS open-source reference implementation.