Federated Catalogue

Resources, Assets and Participants in GAIA-X are described by Self-Descriptions. Self-Descriptions intended for public usaged can be loaded into a Catalogue where they can be found by potential Consumers and End-Users. The Providers decide in a self-sovereign manner which information they want to make public in a Catalogue and which information they only want to share privately. The goal of the (system of Federated) Catalogues is to enable Consumers and End-Users to find best-matching offerings and to monitor for relevant changes of the offerings.

In a Catalogue, many Self-Descriptions are a) stored as raw JSON-LD files and b) integrated into a Self-Description Graph. By following references between Self-Descriptions, advanced queries across individual Self-Descriptions become possible.

The Federated Catalogues consists of functional components which could be grouped to modules. The following figure shows the High-Level architecture of these components.

For the development of the Federated Catalogue there are three main areas: