Identity & Trust

Within the german governmental funded GAIA-X Federation Services (GXFS) Project, a first set of services and functions is currently beeing specified based on a self-sovereign, decentralized approach. Further services and functionalities will be implemented in second iteration.

GAIA-X architecture build on main principles like sovereignty, distributed and federated that has to be in compliance with EU regulations as GDPR or eIDAS. 
Consequently, a decentralized identity management based on Self Sovereign Identity Standards enables GAIA-X participants to have full control over their identities and trust decisions.In a sovereign distributed trust architecture, the consumer decides by his own which trust level they expect by his individual and context specific manner. In addition, the identities used are owned and managed by themselves. They do not form a central GAIA-X identity provider.

To achive this GXFS Identity and Trust offers four main Service Functions to establish this Self Sovereign IdM & Trust in the first iteration: