Overview specification documents

Below you can a find a list of the already published specification documents. The missing specifications will follow soon.

Lot #NameDescriptionSpecification document
1Authentication/ AuthorizationLot 1: Authentication/ AuthorizationSRS_GXFS_IDM_AA
2Personal Credential ManagerLot 2: Personal Credential ManagerSRS_GXFS_IDM_PCM
3Organization Credential ManagerLot 3: Organization Credential ManagerSRS_GXFS_IDM_OCM
4Trust Services APILot 4: Trust Services APISRS_GXFS_IDM_TSA
5Core Catalogue FunctionsLot 5: Core Catalogue FunctionsSRS_GXFS_FC_CCF
8Data Contract ServiceLot 8: Data Contract ServiceSRS_GXFS_SDE_DCS
9Data Exchange Logging ServiceLot 9: Data Exchange Logging ServiceSRS_GXFS_SDE_DELS
10Continuous Automated MonitoringLot 10: Continuous Automated MonitoringSRS_GXFS_CP_CAM
11Onboarding & Accreditation WorkflowsLot 11: Onboarding & Accreditation WorkflowsSRS_GXFS_CP_OAW
12Notarization APILot 12: Notarization APISRS_GXFS_CP_NOTAR
13PortalLot 13: PortalSRS_GXFS_IP_POR
14OrchestrationLot 14: OrchestrationSRS_GXFS_IP_ORC
17Compliance Documentation ServiceLot 17: Compliance Documentation ServiceSRS_GXFS_IP_CDS
Reference Document Identity and Access ManagementGaiaX Community Document IAM GX_IDM_AO