Portal & Integration


The Gaia-X Portal serves as a sample integration layer showcasing the Federation Services and providing a user-friendly access to these services. It will support the Onboarding and Accreditation of Participants, showcase service discovery and sample service orchestration and provisioning.

Structure Tree


The portal provides information on Gaia-X assets and interaction mechanisms for tasks related to the maintenance of theses assets.

Registration Process: Registration of new organisations as participants of Gaia-X. This process provides the steps to identify and authorize becoming a participant. This includes the option to sign up as AISBL members.

Login process: Implementation of a single sign-on mechanism that maps the specifications to the Gaia-X

Account/Profile: Management of participants self description, credential organisation and login history.

System Information (‘More’): Information about Gaia-X, access to support options and a build in self help knowledge base.

Discovery: Convenient search for service offers, datasets and providers with the resolution of complex search queries on the federated catalog. This mechanism is provides on the home screen as well as on any subsequent page providing filtering options.

Self Description: Providing an administration and editing process for the self descriptions of providers, nodes, services and data offers in the federated catalog. Comfortable editing options with plausibility check on data field level.

Dashboard: Configurable display of all active and inactive offers that a participant uses or provides in the Gaia-X system. Monitoring of all information from the service in one central location. Information on the status and availability of the booked or provided services.

Solution Packaging: a composition mechanism for the selection and combination of services into solution packages for the Gaia-X catalog for addressing specific use cases.

Federation Services Portal


With the orchestration service, the GAIA-X consumer is able to start instantiating services through the portal out of the catalog search results. The orchestration provides a Life Cycle Management Engine (LCM Engine) and a standardized API for LCM services. While the former is core GAIA-X Service, the latter are managed by Service Providers. They act as an interface between the LCM Engine and the infrastructure of the different service providers.

API Management

In order to orchestrate the various GAIA-X services with their associated APIs, we will introduce an API framework to create a consistent user and developer experience for API access and lifecycle. An API gateway will ensure security (e.g. DDoS prevention) to all integrated services, including potential external connected services like authentication provider. The API portal will provide a single point of information in regard to available API services and version management. The Analytics portal will provide short and long-term statistics about usage and quality.

Workflow Engine

The workflow engine mainly serves according to the onboarding and accreditation process to approve and trace service provisioning. Additionally, it is managing the user interaction loop for user notifications. The administration mainly serves the federator to keep track of request for participation, approval of participation, managing participant interaction, assign/approve participant credentials and additionally track quality of service of Self-Descriptions which are exposed to the public via a catalog function.

Compliance Documentation Service

To show that an Federation Service fulfils all defined requirements, the provision of appropriate evidence is necessary. These evidences can be delivered in different types (e.g. specifications, concepts, test reports or certificates). The Compliance Documentation Service specifies how the fulfillment of security and privacy by design must documented by each Federation Service.