What is the Gaia-X project?

GAIA-X is characterised by the following core elements:

  1. We want to create the next generation of data infrastructure for Europe, its states, its companies and its citizens.
  2. This infrastructure needs to meet the highest standards in terms of digital sovereignty and fostering innovation. We regard this infrastructure as the cradle of an ecosystem, where data and services can be made available, collected and shared in an environment of trust.
  3. The concept focuses on the precise needs of users and the added benefit as shown with the use cases.
  4. The existing concepts are to be understood as a proposal to Europe as we developed them with our French partners. We are pursuing this path also together with other European partners and in alignment with the European Commission.
  5. Our goal is to establish a more solid framework for this idea in 2020 and to launch some first use cases by the end of that year.

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