Public Tender

The initial specifications of the Gaia-X Federation Services have been completed in April 2021. These form the technical basis for the development of a European data infrastructure for the secure digitalisation and networking of different participants.

For the implementation of these services, a total of 17 lots have been defined, which are now open for an EU-wide tender. Each lot will be awarded in an individual tender and might be overlapped in time with other GXFS tenders. Please refer to the overview below, for information on the individual lots, tender start dates as well as the link to the respective tender in the contracting portal.

Lot #NameDescriptionStart
Link to
contracting portal
1Authentication/ AuthorizationLot 1: Authentication/ Authorization16.06.21Application phase ended
2Personal Credential ManagerLot 2: Personal Credential Manager16.06.21Application phase ended
3Organization Credential ManagerLot 3: Organization Credential Manager16.06.21Application phase ended
4Trust Services APILot 4: Trust Services API16.06.21Application phase ended
5Core Catalogue FeaturesLot 5: Core Catalogue Features30.06.21Application phase ended
6User Management and AuthenticationLot 6: User Management and Authenticationtbatba
7Inter-Catalogue SynchronizationLot 7: Inter-Catalogue Synchronizationtbatba
8Data Contract ServiceLot 8: Data Contract Service09.06.21Application phase ended
9Data Exchange Logging ServiceLot 9: Data Exchange Logging Service09.06.21Application phase ended
10Continuous Automated MonitoringLot 10: Continuous Automated Monitoring27.05.21Application phase ended
11Onboarding & Accreditation WorkflowsLot 11: Onboarding & Accreditation Workflows15.07.21Application phase ended
12Notarization APILot 12: Notarization API27.05.21Application phase ended
13PortalLot 13: Portal29.06.21Application phase ended
14OrchestrationLot 14: Orchestration29.06.21Application phase ended
15Workflow Engine/ Business Process ManagementLot 15: Workflow Engine/ Business Process Managementtbatba
16API ManagementLot 16: API Managementtbatba
17Compliance Documentation ServiceLot 17: Compliance Documentation Service29.06.21Application phase ended

Please note, that communication shall take place exclusively via the bidder communication feature of the contracting portal. We are unable to answer questions regarding the tender via e-mail or phone.

Nevertheless you can register for updates for the public tender process, e.g start dates: