Lot 16: API Management

In this tender the lot “API Management” is being awarded. The purpose of the service functions to be implemented is to manage an orchestrate the various Gaia-X services with their associated APIs and create a consistent user and developer experience for API access and lifecycle within the Gaia-X ecosystem. The API Management service should support developing, maintaining and securing APIs between the different Gaia-X Federation Services components and services. This lot also includes

  • an API gateway that ensures security (e.g., DDoS prevention) to all integrated services, including potential external connected services like authentication provider.
  • An API portal that provides a single point of information in regard to available API services and version management.
  • An Analytics portal that provides short and long-term statistics about usage and quality.

The expectation is not the development of a new API framework, but rather the offering of an already existing framework, if necessary, with extensions, based on open-source software (Request for Proposal).

The process requires a close cooperation with other Gaia-X components and services, which are being developed in parallel. The offer must include a proposal for an meta-API schema.